When will VC include their in house calibers in the Overseas Range...

I know of 3 people, excluding myself, who are waiting to buy the Overseas (Simple version) when the 2450 caliber (or variant thereof) replaces the JLC 899 that currently drives it. This would be a  very similar move to what AP have done with the new Audemars Piguet 15300 Royal Oak that includes their new 3120 caliber. I am now buying one myself (so is a friend of mine)  for this reason - I love the case on the Royal Oak and love the new AP 3120 movement.

I realise that the JLC 899 base used in the Overseas and the Overseas Dual Time has been recently modified with ceramic bearings etc and I am sure is a very good movement (or indeed an excellent one judging by how many companies use it)but If VC has its own Automatic Caliber why on earth is it not using  it. I understand the continued use of the Piguet 1185 in the chronograph, as VC does not have its own in-house chrono movement to my knowledge and if making a VC dual time module to add on the 2450 base is not viable (as with AP's version) keep the JLC movement but at least have a VC Overseas model without complication in steel with the VC 2450.

No matter what people say - It is very nice to buy a VC that is a VC. In much the same way that if I were to buy an Aston Martin I do not want a BMW engine in it if  Aston has its own perfectly good engine. With the recent growth in information of the major watch forums of the last few years, it is now possible for people can find out a lot about a watch very very quickly, and one thing that always seems to underpin most discussions on watch and brand quality is the idea that in-house is more preferable and those that do it are better than those that do not. Obviously there are axceptions (Richard Mille being the most obvious) but if you can produce your own movemnts and do, then why use others that are less good.

When it comes to VC, one of the best companies in the world, I really do expect them, especially in this current climate with watch buyers becoming very informed  to use their own movements that I hear are absolutely excellent.

I would be very interested to hear if VC are planning to do this - or any reasons why they will not


even though VC will not let any info out on this I think that the use
08/29/2007 - 10:42

of an inhouse caliber in the Overseas is a matter of time. VC currently does not have the production capacities of fitting pre existing models with their inhouse calibers (only new models come with the manufacture calibers) but the goal in medium term is to have ALL their watches with inhouse movements.

My gut feeling would be to see VC inhouse movements in the Overseas when the latter will be updated (eitheir in design or new creations).

Thank you - do you think by next year??
08/29/2007 - 10:47

That would be amazing!

let me investigate but it may take a lot of time :-) (nt)
08/29/2007 - 10:53


Re: When will VC include their in house calibers in the Overseas Range...
09/23/2007 - 15:58

Well, I don't have a VC OS yet, but will in the very near future.  You guys may think I am crazy, but I actually like the VC OS because of the JLC 889 Caliber.   It is a proven movement that can take a lot of abuse.  Also I have been looking hard at buying a JLC before as well.  So with buying a VC OS it is like I am getting two watchs in one!  A JLC and VC both.  Besides, even though it is a JLC movement, from a detailed review I read it sounds as if VC fine tunes and modifies the movement to meet their standards.