where to recondition

Dear friends

I recently acquired a VC men's dress watch, with caliber K1120. I think it needs some service although it runs fine.

The champagne gold dial signed 0 Swiss 0 , has some minute "green" spots.

Can anybody tell me something more of this watch? Type name? Reference number? Year? 

Are there any suggestions for an address where to bring it for service and repair dial?

 where to recondition

Generally I say if it ain't broke don't fix it :-) Your watch looks
07/16/2007 - 21:25

the typical VC from the late 70s early 80s, pieces only VC made and which could be recognised as such at a glance.

The best place to send the watch to would be to Vacheron Constantin they can do the servicing and maybe clean (or refresh) the dial.

if you go on VC's web site you can find either a subsidiary or
07/16/2007 - 21:48

authorised dealer near you to whom can take the watch for servicing (some have the possibility of doing so on peremises and others can send the watch to Switzerland for you)

their web site is: www.vacheron-constantin.com