Which chrono would you go for?

One of the never-ending PP/VC comparison... Do you prefer the VC or the PP chrono? 

It’s not anymore the Malte vs. the 5070, but rather the Patrimony vs. the new 5170... 

For the purpose of the exercise, please disregard the price differential and the fact that the 5170 is only available in YG (it is safe to assume that PP will come out with a version in RG, WG, and PT...) Here are a few pics to help you decide (all amazing shots “borrowed” from Francois Xavier) 

In the Red Corner... the 5170!

Which chrono would you go for?

Which chrono would you go for?

In the Blue Corner... the VC Patrimony!
Which chrono would you go for?

Which chrono would you go for?

My take:

Comparing the 5070 against the VC Malte/Patrimony Chrono was a lot easier.
Whilst it was basically the same movement (with a few different tweaks), PP slightly came out on top for the movement (winning only on aesthetics – with the extra bridge, it is easier to see the cotes de Geneve pattern throughout the movement, which I like).
But when comparing the case and dial, VC was a clear winner, but a much wider margin – I found the PP too bland, and the VC’s flair really comes across in its chrono - and that is true for both the Malte and Patrimony modelsWhich chrono would you go for?Which chrono would you go for?.

I’m having a hard time deciding if I prefer the Malte or the Patrimony model. Standalone, I think that I prefer slightly the Malte, because of its guilloche dial and the art deco lugs. But since I have the 47212, if I was to get one I’d go for the Patrimony, to have something a little bit different...

Bottom line, VC’s chrono are top of my list.

But with the release of the PP 5170, ... and despite all the love that I have for VC... In real life, I would go for VC, because of the price differential and the ratio value/$. But as I said, for this exercise, money is not to be considered.

I would therefore go with the 5170. Which chrono would you go for?Which chrono would you go for?Which chrono would you go for? I find that it has more flair than the VC (which is more tone downed in the Patrimony line), and yet retains a classical element to it. I REALLY, REALLY like the fact that the subdials are slightly below the mid-point and create a nice balance with the logo on top (reminds me of the Datograph). I like the font used for the subdials. I’m not a big fan of the “Gradue pour Pulsations”, but could live with it. So for once, PP wins on flair... 

Note: for the record, I would take as the winner the VC Malte Excellence Platine vs the PP5170 any day of the week!

I look forward to your responses!


05/04/2010 - 21:13
The 5170 is a marvel. THe size is perfect, 38, that's great and the proportion for such a kind of watch seems to me better than the VC. The case is great! The new caliber of PP is great, many technical advances compared to the old Lemania base. PP made a great job but from the aestetical point of view I found it flat. It takes all the convenient tricks from the past and lacks of personnality. Only the yellow gold and the dial gives it a vintage touch which I appreciate. They took the simplest dial They could have made a two-tone, or a more sporty so called "sector-dial". missed Thex took the simplest rectangular pusher. PP has in its past the 1463 with incredible sporty round pushers which gives some personnality. missed  (even if they look better than the VC ones imho) The bezel is flat I love their incredible "concave" bezel, too bad they didn't take it. missed So in the end the product has a lot of quality, but lacks of personnality. The VC is still a bit too big for such a kind of watch, but the dial is a marvel, the case has more personnality. The design is not so well balanced and the size a litlle big. Defaults or personnality change a very good watch into a heartbreaker imho, that's the case for the American of VC, not everyone like it but when you like it, you are crazy about. It is still an incredible watch and if I had the luck to choose between the two coloured gold version I would go for PP. But as the VC exists in White Gold, this would be my choice. It is more sporty, staying classy, and this cold color fits perfectly this watch imho. Technically and on some other points, the PP is far better, but in the ends aethetics make it all and I prefer the VC.
Taste is personal, but the 5170
05/04/2010 - 21:41
is for me the winner with large marginal. It's in my eyes more classic and you also so see that a certain Alex is wearing it! He has good taste, at least our taste often touches. Over the years we been 'fighting' for the same pieces, at auctions, not knowing about it. So we had to keep in communication before the auctions several times, when we suspected the other of us would be bidding at the same piece as youself intended Doc
Please don't misunderstand the post above!
05/04/2010 - 21:46
I should perhaps say that I seen Alex 'trying' it, but not that he owns anyone. I don't think it's possible for him today Still for Once I think the PP is nicer, even if it hurts... Doc
true Doc but my favorite Patek from this year (and which I ordered) is
05/05/2010 - 12:03
the Nautilus annual calendar scan courtesy of Ariel Adams (Luxist)
This is a really nice piece, Alex! I have always had a thing for...
05/05/2010 - 13:14
a Nautilus line but never had the guts to go for one This one does it for me. A cool watch You are a man of taste, my friend
I changed my mind on the last one, too!!
05/05/2010 - 23:43
I remeber I was disappointed on you, my friend, when you bought the new one, but it meant so much to you, since your first real investment was in a PP, is it Nautilus?, many years ago I also think it is very personal and has grown on me, which Royal Oak hasn't.. I think the Icon is Nautilus and not AP RO since they over exploited it! I also think that RO and OS can shake hand and jump in. If VC had been more trustful, as a everyday watch should be, I chosen that, but I would probably go for the PP, in such case the first time. The real thing is Sea Dweller. But I only had it for three months. There is the limit, no Rolex ever for Doc!!! I even was at the factory visit at AP with The PuristS 2006 or 2007. Than I was very convinced of getting one of the first. The real first was actually made in white gold, as you know, but perhaps not all Loungers. This because they had no machines that could handle steel, so it was cheaper (!) to build one in WG than steel. Only you, Alex and I, Doc, knows how close you was to that watch Your friend for ever Doc
I like the 5170 more..
05/05/2010 - 01:29
... and think it will be a more wearable watch than the 5070 due to the smaller size. It also looks fabulously classic in the J gold... (this coming form someone who has never owned a yellow gold wathc in his life and is a serial WG / P - phile) it will be interesting to see what the white metal pieces look like... I think the VC in white gold is great design, but a little 'flat', and maybe even a little 'cold'. Is it also perhaps too mono-chromatic? I much prefered the new two-tone chrono with the rose touches... now that is a harder choice to call, but I think I would still choose the 5170. If anyone were to gift one to me (any of them) I would proudly wear them all of course. Now, who wants to put the new GP 1966 Chrono into the mix? I think I will be taking particular interest in that piece, and am looking forward to the opportunities of looking over the fare available as it comes to the AD's, from PP, from VC, from GP.
VC for me! The PP chrono 5170 is a beautiful watch BUT
05/05/2010 - 12:00
too tame! I like the fact that it has an inhouse movement even though I prefer the architecture of the Lemania chrono and just because a movement is inhouse doesn't make it better, in this case it is more exclusive. I like the fact that the PP chrono has a minute counter hand which jumps exactly when the seconds hand hits 60. However I find that the VC Patrimony Chrono has more oomp and personnality. The 5170 is a nice classical chronograph but has no extravagance and lacks imagination. The 5170 is like an essay done by a very good student: the vocabulary, style, grammar, synthax are good but its too academic it lacks a je ne sais quoi... a folly... So yup VC for me, even if its not perfect it gives me a faster heartbeat  and its the only chrono which actually gets more wrist time than my beloved Datograph.
I will have to agree with Alex, the 5170 is too plain for me.
05/05/2010 - 14:46
Both are great watches of course, not that I can afford any of them anytime soon hehehe
V&C Patrimony Chrono for me and coming to me. To see it in the
05/05/2010 - 19:33
metal is to be amazed. It has soul and the work on the movement is simply incredible. Will tell you more when it arrives. (I like Radek's too, but it is not available in the material world!) Best to all, Tim
They make them yet? This would be my foremost choice...
05/05/2010 - 13:17
I know I sound like a nagging old lady but this is a chrono I want
tough choice but the VC speaks to me more, it has more life the PP
05/05/2010 - 16:49
looks too stuck in the past