Which is your favorite current VC collection?

I'm interested to see what my fellow Loungers think!


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Since I ask the question, I'll start...
10/20/2009 - 03:25
I really like the Patrimony collection, and I think that VC had done an amazing job with the new Traditionelle and Contemporain cases – especially with the Traditionelle. One might make the case that it lacks somewhat the “VC flair”, but it is IMO a timeless and superbly execute case. It seems that most new models are coming out in RG, but that’s fine with me, I think that the color suits the 3-tone dial better. The Patrimony collection holds many amazing pieces, of which my favorite is the Traditionelle Chrono (that watch is 3rd on my wish list). I also love the simple but elegant Patrimony Contemporaine and Patrimony Traditionelle (both without date, to be clear). However, I do find the new Perpetual Calendar Chrono to be too large (shame, the moonphase looks so nice in RG), and while I like the Retrograde and the Caliber 2755, I wouldn’t put them in my top 10. So, while I came very close to making the Patrimony my favorite collection, in the end it came a close 2nd. The QdI collection is revolutionary and amazing, but with only 2 models (with 1,000 variations, yes, but still only 2 models), it doesn’t have enough diversity to be my favorite line. I am however looking forward to seeing new models being introduced in this collection, which could propel it to the no1 spot…Overseas collection? Not in a million years. It is a beautiful sports watch, and I love it (in fact the new Ti/SS OS Chrono is no2 on my wish list), but IMO it is unfair to compare it to either the Patrimony or Malte collection. I am not a fan of the time only model (I don’t like the Arabic numerals), and apart from different materials, there is not much diversity (only chrono and dual time).Metiers d’Art: Les Masques and Tribute to Great Explorers are nice, but there is too much bling in the rest of the collection. Also, while I was blown away when I saw Les Masques in person, I wouldn't see myself wearing one of them as my everyday watch.Ladies? What do you think? By the way, I didn't include the collection in the possible choices not out of respect, but only because the maximum possible answers is 6. I’m sure some of you would have thought that I would choose the Malte collection as my favorite, but I won’t. The key word in my question is current… Otherwise for me the answer would have easily been the Malte collection. If the collection only consisted of 47212 and the Malte Chronograph, it would still be my favorite collection (apologies if I sound like a broken record, but I am still obsessed and madly in love with my 47212). The round Malte case is my favorite VC case, I adore those art deco lugs. Still, the Malte collection has some fabulous pieces currently in the collection, namely the Perpetual Calendar Retrograde, the Dual Time Regulator and the Malte Openworked Tourbillon (I just noticed, the older version of the Malte Tonneau Tourbillon seems to be out of the lineup). The Perpetual Calendar Retrograde is still one of my top 5 VCs (I give it two) , and the Openworked Malte Tonneau Tourbillon is BY FAR my favorite skeleton model – as opposed to all the other skeleton models, this watch looks very contemporary and modern. But all 3 mentioned models are being or will be phased out, and I am not sure yet about the new Malte Tonneau case. Since I first saw it, it has grown on me, but the first time I tried it on I did find it too large for my taste. The new Malte Moonphase & Power Reserve and the new Chronograph do look very nice in picture, so like Corn Flakes I’ll have to try it again, for the first time… but until then, I cannot make the Malte collection my favorite. So my favorite collection? To my own surprise, I choose les Historiques. What’s even weirder is that none of its models is on my top 3 wish list (which is 1- QdI simple model in palladium, 2- OS Ti/SS Chrono, and 3- Patrimony Traditionelle Chrono) – the 1921 comes in at number 4. When I started writing this post, I thought that it would be between Patrimony and Malte, but going through VC’s website, I found that what Les Historiques collection lacks in quantity, it more than makes up in terms of quality: 1921, CR and Toledo is one uber sweeeeet trio. I really hope that the 1921 wins the Design Watch award, it really deserves it. And by not being limited to one specific case, in a way it offers the greatest diversity, even if there are only 3 models. So, if I had to rank VC’s collections, it would go as follow: 1) Historiques 2) Patrimony 3) Malte 4) Quai de l’Ile 5) Overseas 6) Metiers d’Art 7) Ladies It will be interesting to see what new models come out at SIHH 2010, it is very likely that by then my answer will be very different… Cheers, Francois
Same Top 3, same order
10/20/2009 - 06:50
Hi Francois, At first I believed this would be easy to answer, but the more I thought about it, the more difficult it became.   In order, my picks are: 1. Being a vintage fan - the Historiques collection came to me first.  I love the CR 1907, Toledo 1952 and American 1921 and it makes a great collection.  Being small makes it easier to have all strong members and this was the tiebreaker in terms of #1 VC collection for me.  But I'd rather search out the original vintage pieces rather than their newer renditions. 2. The Patrimony collection overall fits my preference for the classical look.  The simple watches are fabulous, but I'd prefer the chronographs had their dials spread out a little farther than they are now (too bunched up IMO). 3. The Malte collection - my first watch VC is a ref. 47425 and it is sentimentally my favorite and most important.  The collection has some that I think are great, I think the complicated Maltes are better than the simpler pieces.  I like the new Malte Tonneau Chronograph, reminds me of the Ciccolotane/Toledo triple dates a little. 4. Overseas - I think they are great everyday watches but as a collection, it just doesn't do it for me. (Simple, Chronograph, Dual-Time - this trio, if taken as a set, takes a back seat when compared with the Historiques trio). 5. QDI - I've never warmed up to them, maybe in the future - but not now. 6. Metiers de Arts - I can really appreciate them as art, but can't see myself ever wearing one on my wrist as a watch. 7. Ladies collection - I personally don't like them and my semi-WIS wife feels the same way - VC makes watches/jewelry for women but doesn't have anything for the female WIS interested in a high-end mechancial watch.  If Daisy wants jewelry, she buys jewelry, often designed by herself and made to order (labor costs are low in China). Fun question, thanks.  BR, Dan
same top 2, torn between malte and OS for third . nt.
10/20/2009 - 13:50
Dan and Aaron, good to see that we're on the same page :-) (nt)
10/21/2009 - 04:11
I voted for Patrimony!
10/20/2009 - 18:29

I think Les Historiques have survived themselves by now. I have this   and this one Both are nice but are not 'original', same goes for the Les Historiques Chronograph... Yes, I know I said something other some years ago, but I think the Malte version  of the Chronograph is nicer.  It's like all Maltes, they represent a unique line, not a copy of an old watch.. And they carries these lugs from 1948, inm a modern version Actually it was Alex who made me see the lugs as pre-Malte, you old bastard always have the last word Since Malte is prematurely killed, I think it's only Patrimony that represents, Vacheron&Constantin in absolute unique perfection. I remeber in the beginning of this year, when we were through SIHH, I was actually stunned by all copies from the finest brands to the more common brands of Patrimony!! That's just my two Crowns Doc

I like your two Crowns
10/21/2009 - 04:22
It's true that the lugs from your 1948 look like the ancestors of the Malte lugs, thanks for sharing. Cheers, Francois
Re: Which is your favorite current VC collection?
10/21/2009 - 08:00
Bonjour Francois and friends, Very interesting poll you have here. Although I have not been able to try on many of the more recent offerings, I voted as follows: 1) Patrimony - I love the Contemporaine line and the new traditionelle models are also nice (although the chronos are on the large size). 2) Les Historiques - I like the diversity (despite having only 3 models) and the heritage reprsented by this line. 3) Metiers d'Art - Very interesting.  I love the Tribute to Great Explorers in particular 4) Malte - Malte Tourbillion is very nice although the dimensions of the new tonneau case is not my cup of tea. 5) Qdi - Very promising and could easily go up the ladder depending on the next offerings. 6) Overseas - great sports watch but it only offers variations on one theme. 7) Ladies Cheers! Kazumi
thanks Kazumi for your feedback
10/22/2009 - 06:51
it's a real shame we won't see you in Geneva in January but thinking about it, the fact that you made the trip once is a real accomplishment in itself! Cheers, Francois
Thought provoking post! My votes go to...
10/21/2009 - 12:07
Hi Francois great question and the answers are not as easy as they seem, but I sat down and thought if funds were not a problem which models would I spend my cash on and came up with the following: 1) Quai de l'Ile: Only two models available but it is closer in terms of design to my current tastes, I love the contemporary feel to the watch, the multi part case is a perfect reinterpretation of a classic, the see through dial is an asset and the movement finish is top notch. The fact that you can personalise it is a major plus. In fact I could see myself with a watch collection made of only QDIs...oh and my palladium/titanium day date just arrived :-) 2) Patrimony: With a preference for the Contemporaine, love the case and dial and the Bi Retro is all the way on top of my wish list. The Tradi has a great dial and case and the Chrono is one of my favorite on the market right now. 3) Metiers d'Art: The Masks and the Great Explorers are phenomenal 4) Overseas: A great alternative to the Royal Oak in terms of "dressy" sports watch: I love the new titanium/steel models and the rose gold chrono on rubber strap. I would love to see the range expanded to "medium" complications 5) Historiques: let's say that its easy here as the VC historical pieces are almost all drop dead gorgeous but I have some issues with 2 out of 3 models. The Toledo 1952, love this watch and had one for a few years but find the guillochage on the dial too much, Chronometre Royal 1907 doesn't look like a single Chronometre Royal made by VC! Its a reinterpretation of a pocket watch but then it doesn't make sense to me! American 1921: love everything about it 6) Malte: I prefer the new case to the previous one but there's always something quite not right: the tourbillon case is way too big, the round guillochage ina tonneau case of the chrono is off but I find the new moonphase with power reserve great!  
Alex, you did not...
10/21/2009 - 20:38
, did you???
I plead guilty :-) (nt)
10/22/2009 - 10:52
Scans, scans, scans, scans please!!!!!!!!! ASAP ;-)))) congrats!
10/22/2009 - 12:48

 that says it all

I gave it a nasty bang and had to send it back for polish so as
10/22/2009 - 12:53
soon as its back!
no way!!! you're not pulling my leg, are you?
10/22/2009 - 16:12
10/22/2009 - 06:53
Congrats on your new QdI, may it time only happy moments! Francois
soon :-) (nt)
10/22/2009 - 10:53
1) Patrimony 2) Historiques 3) QDI nt
10/21/2009 - 13:05
I'll start with Patrimony....
10/21/2009 - 18:41
From top to bottom, the Patrimony collection is VC at its best. High complications to time only models and everything in between, the watches are unfailingly beautiful. That said, Patrimony watches aren't first on my list of watches I'd want for myself (which I see as a different question that the one that started this thread). I'd like either a QdI or American 1921, and those are the two lines, QDI and Historiques, that most appeal to me after Patrimony. The former for looking forward in an exciting and adventurous way; the latter for taking inspiration from the past yet being relevant today. Bill
I knew that Bill :-) nt
10/22/2009 - 01:12
It's the same with me, the models that I want aren't in my
10/22/2009 - 06:55
favorite collection... I guess it is a sign of how strong VC's offering is accross the board thanks Bill for your comments! Cheers, Francois
My preference list of VC collections...
10/21/2009 - 21:04
1. Quai de l'Ile - won't come as a surprise to anyone; I love everything about the watch line; QdI OnlyWatch is my all-time favorite and hope to be able to get one of the future Ti/Pd limited edition pieces... I simply adore it! I am sure new models will strengthen this line's offerings cosiderably very soon. Pesonalization, fresh and modern design as well as technology used to manufacture the QdI watches are the main advantages.  2. Patrimony - classic but very well modernized by recent refreshement within the Traditionelle line. Very diverse which makes it even more appealing. Traditionelle Chrono is awesome... 3. Overseas - ultimate sports watch; I like it so much better than AP or PP. Hope the line will follow a more trendy youthful design inroducing new, cutting-edge materials like titanium and others. I am also waiting for the new in-house movements for the line. 4. Metiers d'Arts - I am not a big fan of masks but I appreciate the concept and its execution. I love the Explorers but I think I am too chicken to pull a trigger on one... 5. Historiques - Toledo is a true masterpiece and it makes me feel very good about the whole line 6. Malte - I don't think there is one single piece within its current offering that gets me really excited, unlike the old Malte line with Malte Chrono being my favorite... Unless you take Malte Perpetual Retrograde Open-face into consideration. This is one ubercool watch!!! but just a bit too small to make me go hunt after it...        
I'm with you on the QdI
10/22/2009 - 07:01
but to make it my favorite collection, it needs more than 2 models... I'm not a huge fan of the Malte Perp. Calendar Retrograde Open-face... I agree with you that 39mm is on the smaller side of things for me, but what I don't like is that the plate in the middle of the dial seems to be copper, which kind of kills the cool look - it's a platinum watch, everything should be in white metal, it would be a lot more harmonious (I'm not a 2-tone metal guy)... Some of the parts that are seen could have had either Geneva waves or perlage, I think it would have helped the look. Cheers, Francois
And so the winner is... the Patrimony collection!
10/24/2009 - 02:17
Not a surprise, I was expecting this result. I was however a little bit surprised to see how well spread the votes were between each collection (apart from les Metiers d'Art and the Overseas collection, who didn't get much support). There you go - the scientific proof (yes, 20 answers is enough to make this survey representative of the overall population) that VC's offering is well balanced and caters for everyone's taste!
Re: And so the winner is... the Patrimony collection!
10/24/2009 - 04:23
I like the results.  It demonstrates the advantage of a varied selection vs. an iconic, singular product/line.  It is also interesting that many picked one collection as their overall favorite, but place watches from a different collection higher up on their WTB lists.  Great products all around that vary in style, but not quality. It also indicates that VC fans are diverse in terms of taste, but all appreciate the high quality, aesthetics and history represented by the Brand.  There is no "stereotypical" VC fan, and I love that. BR, Dan
not surprised, its the collection which most exemplifies VC (nt)
10/25/2009 - 08:43