Who can tell me more about this VC?

This watch has besides the winding knob two others, one above and one beneath the winding knob.

Is has the moonfase at the bottom middle and left above the moonfase a dial with days of the week, and right above 31 days of the month. 

Beneath the 12 (from the hour dial) is the VC cross and beneath the cross two squares: one with the years, and the other one I don't know (months?)

The watch is made from steel. The dial is white with silver letters. 

I cannot find another VC that looks like this one. Who can tell me more about this watch.


NOT a VC -:(
09/20/2014 - 18:24
Sorry, not a real Vacheron watch (nt)
09/20/2014 - 20:57
Re: Who can tell me more about this VC?
09/20/2014 - 22:12

Thank you for your comment. It was offered at an auction.

It looks really nice. But I got suspicious because I couln't find the watch on the internet.