who is champion of acuracy??????

from my last post, this question came in my mind.

which watch is most accurate?????????????????????????????????????????

n how?

I suspect the consensus will be Rolex.
04/21/2008 - 08:07

Rolex has a reputation, well earned in my limited experience, for producing the best timekeepers. Their secrets: (1) robust construction; (2) Breguet balance spring for good positional performance; (3) free-sprung balance for stability of timekeeping; (4) very accurate fine-adjustment system for that free-sprung balance; (5) rigorous quality control; (6) C.O.S.C. certification, imposing high standards and also helping to catch any underperformers before they are cased and sold.

One nice thing about C.O.S.C. certification is that it forces a rational standard on watch companies. IWC, for example, makes very precise watches but they tend to run fast because IWC's position is that it would rather have a watch run 10 seconds per day fast than one second per day slow.

In fairness to VC, my Overseas Chronometer has in most circumstances been an excellent timekeeper, running consistently within one second per day for the first couple of years after service and then creeping up to a gain of about three seconds per day. This would be excellent performance, very much on a part with Rolex's, but for its tendency to get slightly magnetized and run off by 6 - 8 seconds per day until demagnetized.

Re: I suspect the consensus will be Rolex.
04/21/2008 - 20:19


Never expected.

seriesally, i m expecting names from VC, Breguet , Patek and so.......

Ya I know the performance and robustness of Rolex, but never expected.....