Why didn't Vacheron win the Design Category?

This morning, as I was reading the results for the Geneva Grand Prix I notice that the American 1921 didn't win the design category. I couldn't quite believe it, very strange...

I mean, I agree with the jury's choic for the ladies watch, the Piaget Limelight Twice. That is actually a great work and design. I also couldn't agree more with Alex and his choice of the Open face Jules Audemars for men's watch...

Now, if you tell me that Harry Winston won the design prize just because their usual madness (cool, I must say!) with their Opus models, I don't think it is quite fair. Of course it is something very different, an unusual concept, but the American 1921 has a more sutil design, much more elegant, and for that master work Vacheron didn't have to create something so ''weird''.

I won't even get started on the Jewellery watch, which I think is just not up to chalenge the beautifull Kalla Haute Couture a Secret...

Anyway, I know who won these prizes in my head, so it is OK for me...Why didn't Vacheron win the Design Category?
I think VC was wrong to enter the American 1921 in the design
11/17/2009 - 15:35
category and not the Men's watch (instead of the Patrimony Traditionnelle manual wind - which is a great watch in its own right bot maybe too classical to stand out in such a competition) I think the Opus 9 won because of its amazingly original design both in form and function. Opus 9 was incidentally one of my favorite watches presented at Basel this year. The American 1921 was short listed in the top 3 along with the Urwerk 103T but I guess the American 1921 isn't really an original design as it is a reinterpretation of a hostorical model which can explain the result.
Guess who wears a VC Patrimony Contemporaine? No less than
11/17/2009 - 16:33
Eric Giroud the designer of the Opus 9 (and to which we owe such disruptive designs as all the MB&F pieces, MCT Sequential 1, Harry Winston Tourbillon a Glissiere, Revolution chronographe and tourbillons) !
Thats very telling! (nt)
11/17/2009 - 17:43
11/18/2009 - 01:16
Alex, your comment about putting the 1921 in a different category makes sense. I didn't about it at the time I read your first post on the nominations, but VC was indeed going against strong competition in this category. Having seen it in the metal, the Opus 9 is one amazing watch - although WAYYYY to big for me... I wonder what chances the 1921 would have had against the AL&S Zeitwerk? Cheers, Francois
I guess he needs the Contemporaine to "reset" in between designs
11/18/2009 - 05:36

Thanks for that interesting bit of trivia, Alex!   It is very reassuring to know that such a celebrated designer wears a VC (the same as moi!).  I am sure the excellent study in simplicity (in the philosophy of "less is more") that the Contemporaine offers helps Mr. Giroud to refocus or reset his mind in between his designs. I also agree on Alex' post-game analysis of the 1921.  The Opus and most of the other contenders were definitely more complicated in their design (technical/engineering) executions.  The 1921 should have been in the men's watch where its unique design flair (though not technically challenging by any means) should have worked well agains the competition (much better than the Traditionelle which is a little too classical to stand out among its rivals). Long live the Patrimony Contemporaine!! Cheers! Kazumi