Why do you think...

... watches or rather the passion for beautiful time pieces are more of a men's thing? I am new to all this and am really awed at the work of art and huge amount of work some of those watches represent (I even plan to try and learn how all this works) but it amazes me that the vast majority of collectors are men.
And this certainly reflects in the VC collection. Whilst there are gorgeous ladies timepieces (some of them with too much diamonds for my taste though, I prefer simplicity), there are certainly a lot more men models. Even I win the lottery one day and find somewhere a beautiful Mercator (the one with the silvertone dial has my preference) to buy, it would be much too big for my 4.5cm width wrist Why do you think...

So why do you think that is? Is it a matter of who's got the money, power, who's got the biggest (just joking), or just love of beautiful craftsmanship? I would really be interested in getting your views on this.

Thanks for sharing Why do you think...
VC has traditionally been a men's maker and as such has a
10/09/2008 - 19:15
majority of men's pieces. That's the base of their cleintele as I would think women would be more inclined to purchase watches from more "magical" names such as Van Cleef, Harry Winston or Cartier.
It is true that I am not used to cross ladies
10/09/2008 - 19:15
as VC addict (or other brand).   It is true also that the VC catalogue for Ladies is not as much as it could be, as a matter of choice.  Maybe is due to the fact that Ladies are often focusing on diamonds (or other precious stones); or maybe Ladies are more practical and in a higher issues level…  Maybe Ladies prefer the J12 (from Chanel), the 24 (from Patek) or the Cape code (from Hermes), I don’t know...
I think I was not clear
10/10/2008 - 00:04
Maybe I haven't been clear. VC is only an example. I was not refering only to VC collectors, but to watch collection in general. The real question is what drew you to watches, and what do you think draws men to watches more than women? Cheers
A few thoughts....
10/10/2008 - 03:42
Men have traditionally been interested in mechanical things, along with so-called functional items.  Be them cars, electronics, tools and other items that can be "used" in some manner.  Watches are fundamentally practical as they serve an important function, the telling of time.  From the practical aspect, men then look for things that fascinate them as the workings of a mechanical watch can certainly do that. Women, on the other hand and I mean no disrespect here, have historically been more interested in the aesthetics of things.  Priorities are more design focused and therefore brands have oriented their ladies watches towards being another piece of jewelry. In some respects, it is a bit of the right brain versus the left brain. However, over the last several years, the interest in ladies' mechanical watche has grown significantly.  More brands are now adding pieces to their ladies product lines which have a fine mechanical movement as opposed to a quartz one.  Furthermore, the priority is growing on the technical side and not just on the "bling-bling". There will always be a substantial portion of the ladies market where the emphasis is on design, diamonds, etc. but there is a growing market (current economic crisis notwhithstanding) for fine mechanical timepieces for ladies. For me, one of the greatest aspects of watch collecting is that there is literally a watch for everyone.  Be it mechanical or quartz, sime or complicated, diamond studded or or unadorned, expensive or less so, there are choices that should appeal to all. Hope this is what you are looking for. Cheers, Duncan
I once read an article by a French psychiologist who wrote that women
10/10/2008 - 12:26
did not collect as they are genetically made to have both feet firmly on the ground and that they way their brain functions is to be in contact with reality and the important aspects of life. He also wrote that since women can give life, regardless of their age their focus is on the well being of their family, even though they do not have a family or children, men are deprived of such focus that's why they collect!  
Re: I once read an article by a French psychiologist who wrote that wo
10/10/2008 - 12:55
I can picture that very well : "Honey, I'm sorry, but I have to spend this huge amount of money on this watch. You understand, it's genetic!" There may be some amount of truth there but I would tend to go with Duncan's explanation. To be honnest I have no interest whatsoever in the mechanics of a car. But I am fascinated by the intricacy of a watch mechanism... maybe because it's much more prettier than a huge greasy motor, and that I imagine the person who worked on it to have it all fit so perfectly. There certainly is some aesthicism. Thanks for all your feedbacks!
its not about the money, its about the act of collecting. You can very
10/10/2008 - 13:28
well collect non expensive items. I definately think that collecting is a state of mind not of funds.
Re: its not about the money, its about the act of collecting. You can
10/10/2008 - 13:43
Oups, no offense intended. I did not mean to imply that it is a question of money at all. I am starting a collection and am certainly not wealthy. I was just joking and imagining a VC collector trying to talk his wife into buying a new watch and using the genetics to that end.
LOL :-)! As a woman maybe you can explain why there are few
10/10/2008 - 13:50
women collectors?
Re: LOL :-)! As a woman maybe you can explain why there are few
10/10/2008 - 19:02
For all the reasons you guys gave me Plus it seems to me women collectors tend to collect small things on the "cute" side like little porcelain animals, what we call in French "attrape-poussière" (dust catchers). When I was a kid, seemed like it was a cool thing to collect stuff, so I started a stamp collection but I never really enjoyed it. Did not see the point really. Now if we talk about clothes, well maybe you can call that collecting for some crazy women shoppers! The same goes for jewellery. Well then men would largely be outnumbered. As for what drove me to watches. Well I love beautiful things (or at least what to my point of view is beautiful). I am totally fascinated by the mechanics of a watch, how all those small pieces can be made to fit together and keep perfect track of passing time. Plus I imagine all the work, from having the idea, to creating the tools to achieve the masterpiece (all the mathematical formulas behind all this), to the craftsmen actually creating those little pieces from nothing, making them perfect and finally assembling them. And then with just winding it up, it comes to life! Then comes the appreciation for the appearance of the watch. Once again I like simplicity. It's like with jewellery. I'm not a fan of having many rings, bracelets and so on. I only wear one diamond ring and that's it (no, not even a watch, well at least not yet). But I do as well admire the works behind the perfect cut of a sapphire or a diamond. If one day I have the money to buy one of those wonderful VCs, it would be something like the "or gris" Patrimony Classique (the small model of course) or the "or gris" 1972 with no diamonds or gold bracelet. I think I admire all those people who can create those beauties almost out of nowhere with their hands. Hope it answers your question
Have to agree with you Alex....
10/10/2008 - 16:30
Whether it is a "state of mind" or as I have described it as a "collecting gene", I believe that wealth and money plays a small role.  More money simply means that you can collect more expensive items.  When I was much younger and had very limited financial resources, I collected baseball cards and comic books.  Certainly not expensive items at the time, though if I still had those collections today, then I would be very happy collector. Plenty of people collect things such as bottle caps and matchbooks and they probably way outnumber us crazy watch collectors. Cheers, Duncan
Power, control and possession
10/10/2008 - 14:58
I think men like power, control and possession.  In collecting, you actually (or seemingly) show your power, have something in control and eventually possess them.  This is a kind of fulfullment in mind which is invaluable. BUT, please do not emulate most of the Chinese Emperors who loved to collect (or keep) thousands of concubines. Regards Ling
Power, control and possession are...
10/11/2008 - 04:41
not exclusively male traits.  There are many ladies who also have and enjoy these attributes. A woman who possesses and understands how to utilize these elements in a constructive manner can be very attractive. Duncan
Duncan, agree, agree and agree.
10/11/2008 - 10:22
But majority abuses these attributes and becomes tyrant. Sometimes, it is not a bad idea that men be or seemingly be tamed by women. Regards Ling