Why not engraved rotor on Mercator?

Hi fellow collectors and VC fans. I'm trying to compare between the Mercator and the Saltarello. Both watches are amazingly beautiful and both are of course on my immidiate wishlist. But for me, the Saltarello seems to be more watch for the money. Judging from price consideration, with apprx 1/3 or 1/4 less expensive, the Saltarello offers the same cal 1120 movement, stunning gillouche dial and iconic VC see-thru engraved rotor. Wondering if there be any technical reason why VC didn't do the iconic see-thru engraved rotor in the Mercator? Do they try to save cost? I don't think so but never really understand why. Any thought? Imagaine a Mercator with iconic enamel dial pairing with a VC hallmark skelatonized engraved rotor on the caseback. Now that would make the Macator a to-die-for work of art. Any chance we can see this in the near future (perhaps with new in-house movement as the tried and tested caliber 1120 is no longer in production)? Cheers, Teetann
AFAIK the skeletonised rotor was only used in 2 non skeleton
03/05/2008 - 21:55

models: Saltarello and Audubon which both were launched after the Marcator (1994 for the Mercator, 1998 for Audubon and 2000-2001 for Saltarello) so maybe the designers at the time did not think it necessary to put a skeleton rotor and surprisingly no other (as far as I know) non skeleton automatic has used the skeleton rotor!

As for comparaison between Saltarello and Mercator but techincally it is more difficult to make a bi retrograde like the Mercator than a single retrograde hand like the Saltarello, furthermore the Mercator dials (even the non enamel) were extremely difficult to make and due to this only about 50 Mercators were made each year.

As for a future use of skeleton rotors? I have no idea but from what I've seen nothing in the short term...

Re: AFAIK the skeletonised rotor was only used in 2 non skeleton
03/06/2008 - 12:29

Alex...thanks for the insightful information. Look like engraving on rotor was not really a fashionable signature yet when Mercator was created, however, they managed to engrave "Geradus Mercator" on the rotor rim :) In sum, both Seltarello and Mercator are great peices with great merits.  Being able to snap both would be a good dream comes true.

You're preaching the choir the Mercator is one of my all time favorite
03/06/2008 - 12:45

watches regardless of brand.

The Saltarello design is growing on me and I recently saw the YG version which I really liked. Either (or even bettre both ) would look great in any collection

Here what I'm going to do...
03/06/2008 - 13:50

In my case, I'd snap the Saltarello first and linger for while before pursuing the Mercator possibly in white metal.

good luck on the hunt and keep us posted :-) (nt)
03/06/2008 - 15:11


Re: AFAIK the skeletonised rotor was only used in 2 non skeleton
03/06/2008 - 21:28

Hey Loungers,

                Picture speaks 1000 words................................

So try to provide 1000 words i mean pics with ur suggestions n queries

photos of the Saltarello and Audubon rotors can be found in
03/07/2008 - 09:51

my article on Skeletonizing on top of the page :-)