Why is Tourbillon watches always heavier than normal ??

DEAR VC collectors and Alex,

i have always wanted to understand the reason behind the weight of a tourbillon watch or pocket watch, it seems their weight is considerably heavier .. why is that ??  what makes it that heavy ?  is it the tourbillon itself ?  is it the surrounding movement ??  is the heaviness helps to stablise the watch in order to make it run more accurate ??

due to its complexity, will a Tourbillon timepiece require a more frequent overhaul than normal watches ??

i thank all of you in advance ...

not sure a tourbillon is actually heavier than a time only watch as
09/11/2007 - 18:44

the extra parts needed for the escapement weigh only a few grams and something which is certainly not felt once the watch is on the wrist

Just my 2c

Hi Audi A3 welcome to the Lounge:-) I agree with Chronometer that its
09/11/2007 - 19:31

not the complication which gives the weight but rather the case.

Me thinks that more often than not the case of tourbillons or high complications are heavier than the more simple watches because the brand wanting to give a feeling of luxury and quality gives the case a more heavy construction. In a recent thread on platinum watches one main reason why the Loungers liked platinum was its heft and maybe a feather light complication would not be perceived as having the same quality as one which could be felt on the wrist when worn.

Interestingly Richard Mille says that by creating very light watches he wants to break the consensus that heft = quality.