will u buy the jubile 1755 at a reasonable price but without the box..

and papers? i am at the crossroad now. the jubile 1755 is growing on me and the price offered is very attractive, yet the missing papers is bothering me, though i dont rally care about the box. yr frank opinion is appreciated and thanks in advance.

mixed feelings...
04/25/2007 - 19:17

I have mixed feeling about your question. The Jubile 1755 is such a fantastic watch and difficult to obtain (almost all the ones I have seen on the secondary market have been selling for list price or above!) that I would say go for it.

On the other hand the box itself is a great object. However I understand that it is big and can take up space and that you don't really care about it

The papers are abit more troublesome.

What bothers me is that this watch was just launched 2 years ago and someone who is careless enough to loose the box (and I don't know how you can misplace such a big box!) and papers may also be careless about his watch and the way he treats it.

Do you know the seller? Is it a professional or a private party? You should make sure the watch is not stolen (check the VC web site and call the VC or Richemont headquarters in your area and give them the case and individual number of the watch to make sure things are OK). Remember you buy the seller not the watch!

If everything is OK and you feel comfortable all I can say is go for it!! :-)

Keep us posted

PS: Love your avatar :-)

thank u for your advice....
04/26/2007 - 03:05

the seller is a professional party which i bought several watches from. he knows i favoured VC thru our enthusiastic discussions on watches and calls me when he has any VC on hand. alex, thanks for the pics of the box and papers, i very much like the gorgeous box but what really makes me drool is the loupe where the maltese cross sits. the provenance is what i am concerned  about, that is why i hesitated at the point of sale when i asked for the papers, the seller says he will try to find the papers from the first owner. in case i decided to go ahead, i will check the case and individual no. i have given myself a week to think about this and for the seller to find the papers.

PS :  thank u. i love that watch too :)

        btw it is the availability of this watch that prompted me to re-read yr thread on the 1755 jubile and realised what i   

        have missed to turn down a WG piece from Singapore when it was launched

The loupe is really funky! It can make a great prize for the next
04/26/2007 - 17:22

contest here on The Hour Lounge :-)

In addition..
04/26/2007 - 03:17

I definitely agree with Alex and I am sure you have already considered most of these points.

I can also understand the temptation of a beautiful watch at a bargain price.   However, as they say, you get what you pay for - meaning, the selling price may be cheap but there is always a reason for that.  As Alex has mentioned, the piece may be HOT for more than one reason (as in stolen), or there may be other circumstances why it is not offered with the box and papers.  Obviously the lack of box and papers is also an issue should you decide to sell it in the future.

Good luck!


Re: will u buy the jubile 1755 at a reasonable price but without the box..
04/26/2007 - 12:15

Dear Sir

if it is a white gold one and the case number is 364 I have a nice story about it


Victor K.

Hm...this is a difficult question.
04/26/2007 - 15:10

It depends on what are you going to do with the watch in the future. Collectors usually demand at least paper to "authenticate" that the watch is genuine. Otherwise, it may be difficult to sell it later. That is, of course, if one day you should decide to part with the watch. If you think that you won't ever sell the watch, I guess it's no problem. And as a bonus, you get the watch at a much reasonable price than the ones selling complete w/ B&P in 2nd hand market.