Will VC launch a new casual/formal watch?

I was thinking about all VC models.
There is some complications, "petites" and "grandes", all classy.
Some formal simple with Patrimony.
All the historic which are formal too.
Some "sport/chic" watches "à la Genta" with the Overseas
The futuristic Quai de l'île, "sport chic" too.

Nearly all kind of watches are covered. Bur I don't see a classical polyvalent one.

To make it more precise, the 5960p by Patek or the more industrial Rolex Daytona.
This kind of piece which can do all, sporty but no divers too.

I see the Thunderbird 6782 in Vacheron history for example.
Nice post here about:

Is there something predicted in the near future?
I think a lot of peaople appreciate these kind of watches.

Best regards


Great Interest in This
03/03/2010 - 16:44

François, I think you are expressing the wishes of many .  Since VC has upped the ante with their two new "classic" Ultra Fine watches, there is renewed hope that more vintage forms will be reborn.  The availablility of the new 1003/3 and 1120 movements makes this concept even more valid. Thank-you for nominating the Ref 6782 as a future candidate and reminding us of Aaron's wonderful piece.  That TBird, along with the 222, would make exciting additions to VC's catalog.  I sense there will be more re-editions coming, following the Lips sneak-peek .

You don't see the Overseas fitting this category? It can be considered
03/03/2010 - 17:18
casual with the metal bracelet and  more formal with a croc strap no?  I would love to see a Historiques version of the Thunderbird or the 222 but don't know when or if. Maybe a new version of the QDI would fit your bill?
To be precise
03/03/2010 - 17:37
Alex : Overseas and QDI fit the category "casual/formal" but not the classical style. Personnaly I do prefer the QDI for his special style, I am completely in love with this piece. If there is one piece of VC I would love to acquire it would be this one. But a more classical round casual/formal watch could be really interesting for Vacheron offer in general, not just for me. That's why I quoted PP 5960p and Daytona. Tick Talk: a T Bird new edition is an option, but VC can also create so well. Both are exciting Best regards François
I don't think it fills the need.
03/06/2010 - 08:07
I think the desire is for something fairly timeless, which probably means something a bit smaller and certainly more classically styled to reduce the risk of the watch's looking dated in a decade or two. Also, I don't believe the movements currently being used in the Overseas are much of a draw; at least for the time-only and dual time zone models, Vacheron should step to the plate with something more up-to-date and suitable for a sports watch.
Interesting question
03/08/2010 - 12:48
Although IMO, the QdI is exactly what you are requesting, a casual/formal watch.  I don't see it as a sporty watch, I see it more as a "design watch" (don't want to use the term designer, it seems to have a bad connotation in the watch world) that can be worn with either a suit, or going out on a Saturday evening to a uber-cool restaurant... If you want something more classical, I think that the 1921 fits the bill perfectly as well - very classical, yet very dandy and relax for the weekend... Cheers,  Francois
I agree with mkvc
03/08/2010 - 13:18
Dear Francois, The QDI is fantastic but not classical. For the 1921 I find it quite formal? no? And gold doesn't help :) I was thinking of something more sporty. That's why I think there is a little lack in Vacheron offer that could please a lot of people. Actually the Patrimony Chronograph in White Gold is not far from the definition but still formal imho. Something more sporty could be really interesting. Best regards François