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I recently received a spam email offering cheap imitations of your product - I have attempted to find an email address at Vacheron Constantin to send this to, but have not been succesfull. Instead I post this as a topic in your forum in the hopes that:

1. You can help to ease the torrent of spammers out there by putting a damper on their operations

2. You might persue any trademark violations against your brand

I have posted the mail below with it's headers for tracking - I have tracked the mail and should you want to persue this then please contact me, I can provide this. The email however does list a website for the purchase of the product (I have not been to the website so cannot say if it does sell counterfeit product), but it does mention your brand name and associate it with the scourge of spam. I have also removed my email address from the below for security reasons and replaced it with an 'x'.

Yours sincerely,


03/14/2008 - 15:41
Thank you, however I have
03/14/2008 - 15:58

deleted the last part of your mail as it came out crypted (only sumbols and not words) and also refered to the web site of the counterfeiters which I don't want to publicise.

You can however forward me the mail to alex @ thehourlounge. com (remove spaces) and I will forward to VC.

Thanks for your concern and like you I HATE receiving spam mail offering fake watches!