Wondering where to source a Toledo 1952??

I've been reading quite a bit about the Toledo 1952, with most information found on this forum. I realize this particular model has been discontinued. Does anyone know where to find a WG Toledo 1952?

While the Toledo 1952 has been discontinued,
07/25/2014 - 11:07

it may still be available through some of the Authorized Dealers, as I know sometimes they still have NOS (New, Old, Stock).

After looking at ADs, their are other channels where NOS and pre-owned might be avaialble.

If anybody has specific recommendations for where to look, please PM the original poster.  Thanks!

Good Luck in your search!

BR, Dan

Re: While the Toledo 1952 has been discontinued,
07/27/2014 - 01:04

Thanks very much.  I did receive PM from fellow member for a Toledo in France, though I had a bit of trouble deciphering the language :)

I'm still looking if anyone knows of any, prewoned would be fine as well.

Re: Re: While the Toledo 1952 has been discontinued,
08/22/2014 - 06:11


Last Sunday I found one in Vacheron Constantin shop in Huahai road in Shanghai. It is the white gold one. Maybe it can be ordered and move to US through their boutique channel? By the way, in that shop the staff affirmed that it is still in production...astonishing news...well, one of VC corporate value is that employees share our passion but I guess they missed the memo from the headquarters.surpriseNo I have this doubt and I am waiting for an asnwer from VC concierge since then...broken heart

Is it possible that they keep it in production just for China?




Hi Riccardo, welcome to THL
08/22/2014 - 07:46

Glad to see you are in Shanghai.

I would be surprised if the Toledo 1952  (which is not a limited or boutique edition) was still in production just for China.  My understanding is that VC does not operate this way.

Alex, can you confirm the discontinued production status of the Toledo 1952?




Re: Hi Riccardo, welcome to THL
08/22/2014 - 08:42

Hi Dan Shao,

Thanks for your welcome! Yes, in Shanghai since 2007...I should be half shanghainese by now!laugh

Indeed I think you are right, but it seems this question is troubling VC which has not provided yet an official answer.



Yes the Toledo 1952 has been recently discontinued but some pieces are
08/22/2014 - 13:49

still available in the boutiques.

Its a lovely watch. I used to have one in WH which I sold to fund in RG and now am looking for a vintage which wouldn't cost an arm and leg cheeky




the 1951 ain't too shabby either



And Liger's bespoke model is just heartheartheart