The World's Most Complicated Watch - what time is it accross the globe?

It has been quite some time since the last hint was posted on what will be the world's most complicated watch: a special comission that took 8 years to complete and which shall be unveiled on Sept 17.

You may recall that Vacheron Constantin was the 1st to create a true world time watch usine Louis Cottier's system back in 1932. You can read about Vacheron Constantin's World Time watches here.

This new tiempeiece will also feature an original world time indication The idea was to find a way to indicate the time zones in an easy to read and uncluttered manner.

Here  the 12-hour second time zone dial is a smaller dial separate from the main timekeeping dial with a separate indicator window showing the user whether it is daytime or night-time in the chosen city. Another aperture window neatly replaces the usual ring-type city display of the Cottier system.

Displayed in the aperture is a choice of 24 cities with their appropriate three-letter abbreviations along with their respective time deviations plus or minus from Greenwich Mean Time. The World's Most Complicated Watch - what time is it accross the globe?
Who is this dude?
08/06/2015 - 13:44


Re: Who is this dude?
08/06/2015 - 14:00

 Who is this dude?

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I rather be patient and live to see this piece and the dude...

I am assuming the world time on this piece is not going to have 37 time zones?


I like this method of implementing world time
08/06/2015 - 14:56

My biggest complaint on traditional world-times (as much as I love them) is the complexity and all the "real estate" that it takes up.  I have loved the Breguet Hora Mundi for this reason and I cannot wait to see this completed piece.  I love this implementation.  For reasons of not having a million crowns, I imagine this is adjusted with a pusher.  Will be interesting to see the complete picture.  For classical reasons, it is likely in RG, but I would love to see this in Platinum.