Hi All - I'm new to VC.  Just got my titanum overseas chrono a month ago and have been loving it.  I was torn between that and the AP ROO (Navy) but the overseas won me over..... 

I am a little worried now though - in the one month I've had the overseas, it's stopped twice, during the day and after days of wearing it.  The first time round it happened, although I was concerned, I reset the time and it worked ok.  Yesterday, it stopped again.  Shaking it normally wouldn't restart the watch so it seems the stopping had nothing to do with not being wound?  It's now back at the dealers - one of them said it happened to his VC as well and he suggested electromagnetism could be an issue.  Is this a common thing or is there a cause to be concerned about the watch?

Hi and welcome. I have an Overseas chrono and this
11/23/2010 - 11:45
never happened to mine so I'm not sure if it is an issue with the movement construction. I also doubt it is magnetized as the watch has an anti magnetic inner case. One explanation could be that the watch was placed too close or too long under the lights of the AD's shop window and the oils dried up...   Any way hope you get it back soon, its a great watch