Yesterday was womens' day

Which is crazy, because it should be eveyday !

We often forget what Vacheron & Constantin did for women: this is a wonderful piece from the 60ies that I found lately. The movement is fantastic as well !

Of course sizes are different: 20 x 20 mm.

Yesterday was womens' day

Yesterday was womens' day

Definitely from the 50ies, a close cousin of Les Historique Ultra-fine 1968 and his ancestor ref. 7614.

It is time we admire those other masterpieces as well !

All the best to my fellow loungers,

I meant: "Definitely from the 60ies"
03/09/2013 - 15:21
...and tomorrow is Mothering Sunday!...
03/09/2013 - 16:42
Berny, I'd forgotten both!surprise - so I'm off out, pronto...blush I'II read the rest of your post when I get back - that is, if she let's me in!!!!devil Could have done with a health warning on this one, Bernywink Have a good weekend. Tony
Is is my imagination or the anti-shock wears the maltse cross design ?
03/09/2013 - 17:47
Hello Berny.
03/10/2013 - 10:48
Thanks for showing that lovely watch. I'm afraid that it is a coincidence that the "anti chock wears the Maltese cross design"   I have seen it on some calibers by Patek Phillipe and I do not believe they would promote the symbol for Vacheron Constantin.   You can also find it on the cal 1001, 1001/2, 1002, 1002/2, 1014, 1071, 1071/1, 1072, 1072/1. However in my archive it is not consistent that these calibers has the Maltese Cross it seems to interchange with another anti chock device.    Sorry if I destroyed that extra little detail on a VC movement. It would have been nice to have it exclusively on Vacheron Constantin watches smiley Best wishes Kent
thanks for the clarification, Kent !
03/10/2013 - 16:35
All the best to my fellow loungers, Berny
KIF Flector
03/11/2013 - 02:36
Hi Berny, This anti-shock system is the KIF flector, and was indeed shared by many manufactures.Approved by removal men! as described in the following story
thank you.
03/12/2013 - 12:16
And a woman used to head the company!
03/09/2013 - 18:31
Diane refers to her Veuve Vacheron pendant watch to remind me of that period from 1870-80 when Louise Vacheron-Pernessin was the woman in charge!
An elegant beauty. Very nice woman's watch. nt
03/10/2013 - 12:24