you know you're a WIS when

You know you're a WIS when:

- You see a delivery truck in your street and your heart speeds up…even if you aren’t expecting a watch delivery

- You know the dates of creation of brands such as VC, AP, Breguet or PP but don’t know the birthdays of some of your closest friends

- You met your best friend via a watch discussion forum

- Each time you are quoted a price your convert it into what watch you could buy with it

- You look at your watch 10 times a day and still don’t know what time it is

- You get freaked out looks from people in the street because you stare at their watch trying to figure out what they have on their wrist

- You start taking photos of your wrist infront of monuments or landscapes to post on scan days

- 4718, 4072, 81180 or 47192 actually mean something to you

- You spend a fortune on a camera and lens just to take photos of your watches

- You pick the destination of your next vacation depending on the retailers you want to visit

- You buy a watch just to show at the next WIS get together

- Having the same watch in 3 different combinations seems like having 3 different watches not the same one 

Re: you know you're a WIS when
10/18/2010 - 19:56
You view a DVD in slow motion just to check the watch the main character is wearing
Re: you know you're a WIS when
10/18/2010 - 20:07
I do have all these symptoms. Is there a specialized doctor I should visit?
Re: you know you're a WIS when
10/18/2010 - 20:43
you visit this forum at least three times a day........  
Re: Re: you know you're a WIS when
10/19/2010 - 02:59
You visit it ALL Watch sites at least 3 times a day  Miki
Re: you know you're a WIS when
10/18/2010 - 21:14
- your Favorite links point to watch sites and forums - you daydream watches, wine, and that order - your non-WIS friends dread the arrival of your latest purchase as they know you will segue any other topic into a discussion of its merits - you have less and less non-WIS friends
I only score 5 on Alex's list...long way to go LOL nt
10/19/2010 - 00:08
You know you are a WIS when:
10/19/2010 - 02:48
        --you have more framed pictures of watches than anything else in the study         --your bookmarks on the computer are over 50% watch sites of one kind or another         --your friends know the dates of all the watch shows, because you are not home and they have all called you at three in the morning sometime in the past when you forgot to tell them you were going to a watch show.        --your watch files at home dominate the main filing cabinet and you move personal files to an old wooden cabinet to make room        --you have an attorney and accountant on hold while you finish this post! It is a magnificent obsession. Best to all WIS, Tim
Re: you know you're a WIS when
10/19/2010 - 04:24
- When you are the known watch maven to your friends. - The license on your car is a watch reference.  - You have included your watches as an asset on a loan application. - A majority of your retirement fund is "skillfully" allocated to watches. - You have commissioned art to represent your watches. - You have met the regional, national or international sales rep for your favorite watch manufacturers. - You have met the president or owner of a watch or luxury company. - You have bragged to a friend of the rep/president/owner you met from your favorite watch company only to get the "who the f--- cares" look. - You have spent more on an obscure watch than a Rolex Daytona and there is no way that this watch is going to get you laid . - You consider the Swiss people interesting. - You are contemplating visiting or moving to Geneva. - You have worn more than one watch to a watch show. - You have lent someone else a watch to wear at a watch show since your wrists were out of real-estate. - You have purchased your wife a watch to compensate for your moments of weakness. - Either you or your wife have worn a watch and knowingly not bothered to wind it. - You have at least five numbers on your cell phone to different watch dealers. - You have more watch sites under your FAVORITES than porn sites. - You DO believe in numerology. - Rare and expensive watches show up on your Bucket list. - The number one indication you are a WIS...... Your financial advisor has needed to peruse watch web sites, auction houses and read thick expensive books so he does not commit you to rehab for squandering your money on drugs, sex and watches. Thanks for a fun post.
the Daytona one is down right hilarious :-)
10/19/2010 - 12:29
When you are
10/21/2010 - 08:33
When you are handed the papers.
Re: you know you're a WIS when
10/21/2010 - 16:16
When your wife knew nothing about watches before you introduced them to her...and now she can identify makes and models of nice watches on somebody's wrist from 10 feet away.