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Faces - Juan-Carlos Torres Vacheron Constantin CEO

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Juan-Carlos Torres talks about the present and future of Vacheron Constantin and the state of the watch industry today

A Watch of Note

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What’s the Mt. Everest of watchmaking? Is it a minute repeater? How about an ultra-thin caliber? Each requires special manufacturing know-how. Neither tolerates imprecision, and assembling either one requires tremendous skill. Now imagine an ultra-thin minute repeater.

Watch Culture

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Honoring the arts has been a 250-year love affair for Vacheron Constantin, who is dedicated to pursuing and preserving age-old artistic crafts thatbring beauty to us all.

Flower Power

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Known the world over as a luxury watchmaker with a penchant for tradition, Vacheron Constantin launched the Metiers d’Art series in 2007 with the

Les Masques collection of timepieces featuring miniature reproductions of primitive art masks. Every year since, the watch world has waited...

One Watch to Rule Them All: The Vacheron Constantin " King Farouk Grand Complication

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In 1946, King Farouk of Egypt took delivery of the most complicated watch Vacheron Constantin had ever made. The king and his dynasty are long gone, but this masterpiece of horology is still going strong.

Q&A with Christian Selmoni Artistic Director

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As Artistic Director of a 250-year-old grande maison, Christian Selmoni is well aware of his duty to respect the heritage and traditions of Vacheron Constantin. However, far from resting on the laurels of past success, Selmoni is keen to push the boundaries of the Métiers d’Art series to the...