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I have come to believe that the VC buyer/collector is very

May 6, 08 16:33

different from those collecting other mainstream brands, that they tryly appreciate the work (mayit be the technical aspects or the art work ie: enamel dials...) that goes into creating a VC and that's why we rarely see newly released watches from VC at auction.


The Saint Gervais was launched in 2005 and its only 3 years later that one shows up, had it been a PP or AP it would have been at auction 2 months after release and still wrapped in plastic! I've been on the look out for a Grand Explotaeur model for the past 4 years and I have not seen a single one for sale, I would love to find a second hand biretrograde and have never seen one at auction either, I guess this means that the buyers are keeping these watches and enjoying them...


Another element to keep in mind is that people who have high end watches rather go to an internationally reknown auction house where they are sure to get greater coverage rather than a local one.


I agree that before the 250th anniversary VC's direction was going everywhere if I were to quote your contact but this does not seem the case today.


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