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Logical evolution...

June 21, 07 01:57

Yes, it is a logical, if not necessary, evolution to come up with a rubber strap (as other manufactures have already done) and I think more than a few of us would like to see one soon.


While VC has taken much efforts to improve on its core strengths (traditional timepieces), at the same time, I think VC also needs to expand its horizons if it is to succeed in the long run.  Although rubber is not a traditional material, it has nevertheless become a standard component used by many brands, including AP and PP (the former, cashing in on it big time!).  IMHO such new materials are not totally out of place with the Overseas, and indeed, there is nothing wrong in making a sports watch "sporty" (as long as it is in the spirit of VC), while making your traditional watches more classically elegant. 


Everything in the right place and in moderation I guess.  What we don't want to see is VC following the path of Zenith which IMO is in a sort of "brand image limbo" right now.  Just my two cents.

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