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None of the pictures from your web link show an exhibition back

April 9, 12 16:16 Hi, I think there is a mix up somewhere?

1. The Ref. 222 watch was introduced in 1977 but is not an Overseas.  It was an earlier VC watch that inspired the Overseas collection (OS was introduced in 1996...and in between the 222 and OS, there was a 333).  I recommend reading Alex's article of VC's sports watches: http://www.thehourlounge.com/thread/view/the-evolution-of-vacheron-constantin-sports-watches_34564_34564.html

2. There is a watch that is referred to as the 1921 because it was first introduced that year, but this watch is not related to the 222 or Overseas.

3. Only the later versions of the OS allow for interchangeable metal bracelets, rubber and leather straps.  Previous VC "Sport" watches come with metal bracelets only.

4. None of the watches from you web link have transparent case backs that allow you to see the movement.  Also, the OS collection does not have a watch with a transparent case back.  As Celter mentioned, if the watch you are looking at has an exhibition back, then I highly doubt it is an Overseas.

Best Regards, Dan

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