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Thank you so much

April 30, 12 22:09 Dear new friends,

Thank you so much for taking all the time and write very detailed repsonses to my request. I am happy to be a part of this forum and look forward to learninhg new and excitnhg things about VERY fine watches such as VC. 
Very big thanks to Dan and Walid for all this valid informaiton! 
I was indeed thinking about the used market and did not plan on buying a new one (unless there is an AD that can offer a great discount). However, I am indeed attracted to the chronograph watches (I have a Dayton and a Speedmaster and love them both). I do like Patrimony Chrono slightly bvetter than  Historiques Chronograph but they are significantly more in price. So, I decided to try to locate a  Historiques Chronograph, a used one. WOuld you happen to know if any good AD in the US who sells used VC watches? 
Indeed, I am conderned about buying online since there ar emany fakes out there. I know Rolex, Omega and Breitling so well that I would not worry but with VC or PP I am still new and learning. 

Thanks again very much for wuch a wamr welcome to this forum Dan, Walid, Alex G and Bill!

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