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1st live scans of the incredible Packard grande complication

August 30, 11 10:52 As you may recall Christie's New York auction a unique timepiece commissioned by the famous automobile manufacturer and horological patron JW Packard in 1918. Timepiece which sold for close to US$ 1.8 million!

Packard had commissioned a very special watch from Vacheron Constantin with the following features:

Minute Repeater
Grande and Petite Sonnerie including a chiming of the 71/2 minutes (something to the best of my knowledge is unique to this timepiece and never seen anywhere else)
Chiseled case in 20k gold
glass cover made if rock crystal

A ferocious battle took place at auction for this piece, a battle out of which the VC museum came out victorious

I had the pleasure of handling the watch last week and here are the photos of our encounter

the caseback is has Packards emblem engraved and enameled

the inner case back

some of the wheels are made in rose gold upon Packard's request

The inner case back wording translates as" Made for James Ward Packard, Warren, Ohio, 1918 by Vacheron Constantin"

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