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A Masterpiece!

March 31, 09 12:17 Whoa! A true work of art, captivating, fascinating, enthralling... yet another superb article by The Great Alex!
...and the watch ain't that bad either...

Seriously, I had been waiting a long time for this baby to come along, and I am happy to say that my high expectations have been exceeded!
When I first saw the OS (version 1), I wasn't really attracted to the watch. Version 2 was much much better IMO, but still, I have never been a huge bracelet fan, so while I liked it, and wasn't in love with it... But since VC came out with the US LE and I saw it in the metal on Alex's wrist at SIHH 2008, my appreciation for this sport watch has increased tremendously. And funny thing, since I know it is available on a strap, I've started to like the bracelet more and more - go figure...

This new OS Chrono model is BY FAR the best I've seen so far - Alex, you were right in saying that it is a killer watch!!! I love everything on it: 
1) I really like the "monochrome" look of the watch, going all grey makes it very stealthy and uber cool (and makes me think, my EP QP might look quite cool as well with a grey strap...

2) the sunray antracite dial looks amazing - a real killer!! Since I really like the guilloche work done on the normal OS (even though it is not engine-turned but stamped), I can't say it is a major improvment, but I still prefer this new dial...

3) the mix of the Ti and the SS is very nice, and makes the bezel stand out even more than when it was in polished SS. I really like how VC has integrated the (micro-blasted?) Ti, brushed SS and polished SS finishing...

So I have to give the OS Chrono a 10/10, and make it offically my new favorite sports watch. Christian and Vincent, if you are reading, I say "Chapeau!!!!"

I have to say that I'm nt a huge fan of the time only model, only because I do not like the arabic numerals - IMO the watch would have looked nice with only hour markers... 

So the big dilemma for me will now be: do I keep saving my watch tokens to buy the simple day-time QdI palladium (sill no1 on my shopping list), or do I accelerate the buying of the next watch and get this one first?... One thing is for sure, they are both no1 and no2 on my list, and provided I manage to keep my job, I'll definitely get both of them. 

So thank you again Alex for delivering the news in such a great fashion - to state the obvious, this is so much better than a simple press release with the usual ultra-retouched/ photoshopped pictures...

2 Question: 
A) To confirm, if I buy this lovely, I should also be able to buy a bracelet if ever I want to? And would the operation to change the strap to bracelet be a quick one or would I need to change the end piece?
B) What will be MSRP? (please VC be kind, the economy is not what it used to be)

Cheers, and thanks again Alex!!!


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