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an example

March 28, 12 22:46 The Calibre Leschot featured an interesting straight-line lever escapement that was in use before the now-familiar Swiss anchor escapement superceded it in popularity.  Although, at the time they were referred to as either straight or right-angle lever escapements, and expert opinion was that the right-angle design offered only theoretical benefits in terms of friction-reduction but more obvious benefits with space useage.  The term "anchor escapement" was applied later in reference to the nautical shape of the right-angle lever escapement.

Where I'm leading is to the newly published book on the wonderful VC Calibre 2755 tourbillon movement.  If you check page 46, you will find a parts breakdown of the tourbillon escapement itself.  Tucked away in the upper right corner is it's straight-line lever escapement!

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