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As always, excellent posts with stunning pictures

May 24, 12 17:34 I was actually hoping you'd make a follow-up on your article from June 08 (here for fellow Loungers) on movement finishes!

I guess my question would be: some 4 years on from that article, how has Vacheron worked on developing its team of finisseurs and what is the trajectory looking like in terms of the ever-more interesting developments in haute horology, technology, and watch finishes? What have been your impressions since you are 'on the inside'?


ps: I had the fantastic luck to see a piece from an indie brand with some amazing inward angles this afternoon. All I can say is some pieces just blow you away in terms of the skill, craftsmanship, and, above all, the passion that goes into them (VC is no exception of course!). 

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