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Examples of 19th Century Watchmaking Machines

April 10, 12 11:52 It's probably due to my mechanical engineering background, but every time I visit VC’s Shanghai Boutique: I always like looking at the old machines they have around the store that were actually used in the 1800s to manufacture the watches.

Over this past weekend, I finally decided to take some pictures of these machines:

Barrel Cutting:

Boring (not meant to be "dull", but for some people - I can undersrand this equipment is not what one would call exciting, cheeky):

Fusee Cutting:

Jewel Cutting:


2 Small Face Lathes:

Vertical Rose Engine Machine:

Watchmaker's Bench:

2 Wheel Tooth Cutting Machines:

Please don't ask me exactly how these machines work, I'm just reading off the descriptions written on the plaques smiley

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