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Hi Robert,

April 6, 12 12:06 I love your wrist. I think it can easily accomodate pieces up to 47mm (Panerai beware!!!), no kidding.

I think I kind of went through a stage of PdlF fascination, just like you are right now. I still love the piece. It was so avantgarde at the time. And its international recognition was well deserved.

I have to tell you, I noticed we all (watch enthusiasts) pass through certain stages of fascination with different pieces. At a point my mind was so set on PdlF I did everything I could to get one. I did get a tip from Alex about availibility of one at a vintage watch shop in Paris and luck had it I was going to be in Paris soon. I walked into the shop with a strong conviction I was going to fall for the piece and buy it right off the bat. But it definitely turned me off when it sat on my wrist. It was too delicate. Other than that it is a very dressy design and it would only fit with a suit on, cufflinks and the works.

To me there is only one vintage piece that will haunt me forever - a Cioccolatone triple date in RG - a rare bird. And one day when my wallet allows  I will get it. It is my ultimate vintage VC. I did bid on one at a Patrizzi auction a few years ago but the competition was too strongangry.

Anyway, let me tell you about a VC that I am after these days. It took me quite a long time to understand and truly appreciate the watch. Overseas Enginesurprise - so many firsts for VC I can barely count them all. And it didn't get much love here either. I think it's so different from the mainstream OS offerings that I want it real bad nowcool.

Cheers bro and happy Easter to your little flock over the pond!


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