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I like the Tibetan mask the best out of this series

June 4, 09 04:52 Maybe it's because I've been to Tibet and am interested in Tibetan culture.  (It does almost look like a Transformer, but its a good thing I like them as well ). 

I appreciate the beauty and design of the entire Masks Series from an artistic point of view, with my all time favorites being the Liao (Chinese) Funeral Mask and the Tibetan Mask.  But when it comes a watch, I just can't see myself wearing one.

I don't like this alternative method of telling time with 4 apertures and the writing on a transparent dial, similar to the QDI series, looks convoluted to me - very messy (particularly in the Americas-Mexico Mask).

Even as a piece of art, I would only want to buy 1 or 2 at most, but not the entire collection of 4 per series. (I recall that the Masks are only sold as a collection of 4, if this is not correct, then please ignore the sentence above).

BR, Dan

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