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QdL Day Date in titanium with grey dial and rubber

January 24, 11 10:14 strap is a great looking watch, as is the WT - an impressive piece of machinery as well as looking like a classy WT...

As always Alex, the VC team did it better than anyone else for their collectors... the VC touch doesn't exist anywhere else. The 'booth' looked fantastic, the hospitality and arrangements were faultless (the movement assembly opportunity confirmed everything I already knew about my watchmaking potential - I broke 2 pinions I'm afraid!! - Sorry Hubert and Jerome!)

I agree with Radek (and you as well and some other Loungers present as well I think) that the QdL has now lost it's way somewhat... but customers kind of asked for it i guess...

Awesome SIHH and VC trip - the best yet and I couldn't thank you enough. But - Thanks Much!

Radek - learn some new jokes for the next trip and you get your own slot on the Agenda... electric fence - that is going round and round!


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