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Re: Ask JC Torres CEO of VC your questions: I'm preparing an interview of

November 11, 09 01:09 A lot of the questions I would like to ask Charly have already been asked...

there is one however I shall repeat, to reinforce the message: when will the HL get his Special Edition watch?

Other questions I would like to ask Charly:

1) What are currently VC's key priorities?

2) What does Charly perceive as VC's weakest points?

3) If VC was not part of Richemont, what would Charly do differently?

4) What is Charly's favorite VC model produced since becoming CEO, and why?

5) Which watch does Charly wears most of the time?

6) Timeline on 4th pillar?

7) Does Charly looses sleep over/ feels responsible for 'killing' the Malte round case? (only joking, of course...)

and of course...
8) Would Charly like to join us Loungers who will be at the SIHH VC HL dinner in January? I am formally inviting him...

I am looking forward to this article Alex!!!



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