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Re: Buying first VC. Advice needed

May 1, 12 08:41 My 2 cents...

I find the VC Patrimony Contemporaine and Traditionelle simply amazing.  For the Contemporaine, the boutique version with black dial is an awesome watch to have. My only issue with the manual mind version is that there is no saphire caseback. The contemporaine with the grey or platinum dial also has a certain zen quality to it.

I own a Traditionelle manual wind, and I love it. It is modern as Alex says, and timeless at the same time. You can appreciate the beautiful movement on the back as well.  I find that it goes much better with a suit or full sleeve shirt than as a casual watch. Even then, it does not disappoint.  Thr two tone dial is nice. Check out the photos of this posted by Alex in the photo context topic - mine posted by Alex.

Another beautiful watch to have is the Historiques 1955. Ultra-thin with a movemement made out of gold. But very rare and expensive.

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