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Re: Hi Dan...

April 17, 09 04:58 Valid points.  I know that COSC has its weaknesses and how the really high-end manufactures don't need it to assure their products timekeeping accuracy.

I guess that leads me to wonder what VC's strategy is for using the Chronometer designation and what they consider to be "Chronometer Quality" now and in the past.  In a recent thread on the new Overseas, Alex mentioned that VC wants to keep COSC certification just for the Chronometer Royal.  This is why the Gen 2 Overseas is no longer COSC when the Gen 1 was (I'm referring to the simple time/date model - the OS Chronographs were never COSC).

Are there VC internal standards for what is "Chronometer Quality" as referred to the in the German book that Doc has shown us, and how has it changed over the past 100 years?

I know, I know - I'm just full of these questions.  Anybody with additional insight or thoughts about this - please participate.

BR, Dan

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