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Re: Malte dual time tonneau price

April 25, 12 19:50 Hi Nick,
   Welcome to the lounge! Usually we don't discuss prices/dealers etc on the lounge but let me try to answer your question this way (all the below, in my view, factor into the price or percieved value you place on a timepiece):
1. Are you satisfied with the piece and does it represent something that you want/admire and would wear? Do you see yourself enjoying it and wearing it? There is no use buying something and keeping it in a safe ;)
2. You are thinking about the piece and have been talking to others about it. This shows that it is not an impulsive buy, which would indicate that you are less likely to regret it in the long-run. That is good. My philosophy has always been 100% confidence in the purchase, if I am at 99% I don't buy it. This philosophy has fared well so far as I am yet to regret a purchase (I have never sold a watch). One warning though: if you are thinking of buying this piece solely because you believe that the offer is too good to refuse (or that it is an amazing deal on a piece you are not confident about), I'd recommend pausing and looking at other options in the price range. That way your final decision, whatever it may be, would be well made.
3. What is the reason for the this particular purchase: a dual-time dress watch? A dress watch that also has a function? Something for everyday wear? The purpose goes a long way into determining the suitability of the watch. I am sure you have thought of this, but it would be great if you can share with us how you came to this choice. 

Now onto the nuts and bolts:
4. Does the piece have all the right (and necessary) paperwork such as the guarantee and full kit (usually it comes with a VC outer box with a travel case, a usb key, a watch cleaing cloth, the guarantee booklet/passport).
5. Are you positive of the authenticity of the piece (again, usually this is confirmed by the presence of valid paperwork with matching movement and case numbers to the item purchased). 
6. Does the piece appear to be operating properly (someitmes pieces on the gray market may have issues and as such are offered at steep discounts). Having the full-term of the warranty is usually not the case with grey market dealers, but try to make sure you have at least 15-18 months (a ballpark number I like to use) of the usual 2 year guarantee. That way you can have enough time to wear it and send it if need be especially if it is worn in rotation.
7. In terms of price, best thing to do is to ask around by first checking the price with an Authorised Dealer and look at what the actual retail price is and what some online dealers offer. That way you can have a good idea as to price range. However, a cursory look shows that the price you quoted is well below the usual grey market prices of the usual suspects, so asking why it is this low is necessary (remember, at the end of the day they are in it to make money). If you have a watchmaker friend that you trust, have him/her inspect it.
8. Be absolutely sure of the follow-up service the seller is offering. Usually you do not get much from grey market dealers (hence my preference for my AD, always) but look at money back guarantees etc (that way if anything arises or if it does not check out you can always go back the the dealer).
9. In relation to the usual (and exceptional) financial constraints that accompany living with five females (that is something!), as a rule of thumb, as much as people talk about timepieces being an investment; consider it a personal investment in enjoyment and gratification and not a financial investment. That is why you need to be content with the decision - any opinions given by others on the actual piece will be ultimately irrelevant since it will be on your wrist. Oh and do make sure you have their input on the choice, otherwise you will never hear the end of it ;).

As for the watch itself, it is an excellent choice considering some of the dual time watches on offer out there with similar looks. The key factor here is the movement, which is a good solid movement based on a JLC ebauche that has been in production for some time and is used (with some variations) by a number of manufacturers such as JLC and AP and, of course, by Vacheron in two models (this and the overseas dual-time).

Sorry if this is a long-whinded response, but hopefully it helps! Please feel free to share your thoughts and let us know what your decisoin is.

Now that you have joined the Lounge, hopefully you will join the Club!


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