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Re: this is the World Time box....

April 3, 12 18:48 Alex, I've actually been meaning to ask a question along the same lines as I have been looking through this website and online for a reason for the change to these boxes from the previous ones (i'm thinking of the ones with the open space where the cushion is circa 2009 or so). I mean the travel box has come in handy but I must say I was disappointed with this box, which came with a recent purchase - I know that a different one comes for the historiques ultrathin or when you look at the artistic pieces such as the metiers that come as a set in a beautiful display case. So I guess my wuestion is, does Vacheron supply display cases or presentation boxes along the lines of the Lange Marmottina (I think I spelt it right)? I have alreadyI spoken to my AD about some of the beautiful Vacheron display cases they had and was told that they are for display and are not usually sold, but figured I'd ask for a second opinion here. Admittedly, with a collection, an individualised watchcase becomes more moot, but aesthetically I believe a beautiful case compliments the aesthetics of an already beautiful watch and I am finding Vacheron quite lacking when compared to some of the boxes that come with watches from other manufacturers (such as Lange or PP). Best, walid

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