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Re: VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison

April 2, 08 03:14

> both the Overseas and Royal Oak are outstanding watches that I would rate as equals

> I hope the review was helpful

> Tony


The original text compared a chronometer with a chronograph... For the sake of fairness, let us compare the two chronometers, being the A.P. 15300 Royal Oak and the V.C. 47040 Overseas. The Overseas has a calibre VC.1126/1, truly being a JLC 889, while the Royal Oak has a calibre AP 3120.


The JLC 889 is known to be a finicky 36 jewels calibre:



The AP 3120 is a 45 jewels calibre, with ceramic ball bearing, 22k gold rotor, and 60h power reserve.

The AP 3120 is (far) superior to the JLC 889, and thus the Royal Oak is (much) better than the Overseas.

To be of comparable quality, V.C. should "upgrade" the Overseas to either the JLC 899 or the more recent 972-975.

Given the important difference in quality, I am very surprised by the comparable price.


Concerning the case, given their sportive yet elegant aim, I note that the Overseas's beazel and bracelet have edges and concavities, and thus require endless care to clean properly and frequently. By comparison the Royal Oak is less prone to gathering dust, although the screw heads in the beazel might still get some.




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