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Thank you very much for the great report Alex

January 19, 11 05:01 As usual your report on SIHH is the most awaited event in my January calendar and, as usual, it was worth the wait.  Thanks again, Jefe!

As to this season's novelties, I would have to say that the WT really is the star of the show.  I love the dial a lot.  My only concern is its size (diameter and thickness)...that is of course relative to my wrist size.

The Contemporaine QP is also a welcome addition to the line up.

One surprise for me is the 1954 Aronde (I wish VC had been able to get a copyright on the "Lips" monicker.  It is so much sexier...and easier to say!).  Anyway, after seeing it in WG in Japan, I was actually a bit cold to it.  However, I think RG really brings out its sexiness (of course I am biased to RG).  Really nice.

Best regards!

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