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Vintage Questions

November 5, 09 18:42

Alex, I'd appreciate if you could raise the issue of VC's support for the vintage watch market:

  • Does VC have an official position regarding the place of vintage pieces in relation to the company's history?  This may also tie into earlier questions about a return to the "&" and the reintroduction of the cal. 1003 and 1120 (BTW, please pass on my heartfelt congratulations for achieving this wonderful reincarnation).
  • Do they consider supporting a vigorous and ethical trade in vintage V&C as also supporting the brand's image and thereby future sales?
  • To that end, will there be a change to the pricing strategy for Certificates of Authenticity?  Rumours have circulated for years that the price would come down.
  • Also, I'm curious about recent increases in the cost of vintage watch service which seems to have jumped some 30% over similar work last year.  This seems counter-intuitive when inflation is at record lows!

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