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Worked perfectly...thanks!

April 1, 12 12:24 Yes, I was concerned since it got itself in a muddle last year... Thinking it was a Leap Year and taking in the 29th February n it's way to the 1st March. These things are not infallible. I was as you say skiing on the 'big' day, and skiing is one of the few things I won't be wearing the QP for. There are others! I had the pleasure of watching the transition from the 29th Feb to 1st March in early March. The really interesting thing, since I was doing this simultaneously with another QP (from a brand we wil not mention again here!) that the VC date clicked over within a second or 2 of the seconds hand going through 12:00. No delay at all and it surprised me greatly to see it do that. The other QP took about 2 hours to fully complete the click over. Best regards Gary

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